Devlog #1

*Note: the video is not up yet, but it will be later.

Right now I basically have most of the core game mechanics down; now all I really need to do is polish some things, get feedback and work off of that, and then do the level design. For the demo I am planning to make fifteen levels, and then the first playable version will be released on this page.  Not a lot to say for this devlog, just wanted to let you guys know where I am at and when I think the demo will be playable. I also want some feedback on the short video I made for this devlog. And then, like I said above I will improve and work off of that feedback. Thanks!

My estimated release date for the cubed demo is July 10th, so not that far away. I will have downloadable files for PC, Mac, and Linux. I am really looking at making this game mobile for the apple app store, because it seems like the mobile type of game, and I have never programmed for mobile so it would be a good learning experience.  Let me know if I should. Just to note, this is my first game so I don't really know what to expect... even though I have studied it a lot so that I can be prepared.

I have only 

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